Probate, Wills & Estates

The importance of estate planning to meet the needs of your family cannot be overemphasised. We specialise in providing tax and estate planning services to individuals and families.

Services we provide include:

  • Preparation & drafting of wills – We will help you ensure that your wishes will be carried out.
  • Extraction of Grant of Probate/letters of Administration – We undertake to deal with a deceased person’s assets dealing with banks, property and other financial institutions.
  • Distribution of deceased’s estates – We will act as administrator of the estate. Estates vary in size and through years of experience we are adept at dealing with families.
  • Inheritance – There are many aspects including CAT (Capital Acquisition Tax) and we advise clients on the best individual approach.
  • Estate planning and financial advice – Regardless of circumstances we can advise customers on the best approach for them.