Family Law

Madigans Solicitors deals with family law matters sensitively and in confidence and can offer its clients the benefit of its extensive experience in this area.

Family Law regulates all aspects of family relationships including:

  • Judicial Separation – this is an order granted by the courts when spouses fail to agree a Separation Agreement
  • Divorce – allows both parties to remarry. Special conditions must be met before a divorce can be granted
  • Nullity – a declaration that a valid marriage never actually existed.
  • Co-habitants – adults who live together as a couple
  • Civil Partnerships – adults are treated the same way as married couples regarding tax, citizenship and immigration
  • Access to children – we provide advice to parents regarding access to children
  • Maintenance – we undertake work to ensure that adequate maintenance is provided to children

We also advise non married parents regarding the family home/assets and all financial remedies.