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Personal Injury

There are several cases where personal injury should lead to a financial claim. The first and most obvious is when an offender causes the victim direct physical injury, during a crime, or as a crime. Such cases are covered under Scheme of Compensation for Personal Injuries Criminally Inflicted. This is generally rarer; as such crimes are more likely to be treated as criminal cases. The second reason that personal injury can lead to monetary benefits is a work-related accident. If you are injured while on the job, you are almost always entitled to financial aid, as Occupational Injury Benefit is covered under the Occupational Injuries Scheme and pays for essentially any injury received during employment that would keep you from working. 

Ireland has what is known as the PIAB, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. It was set up by the creatively named Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act of 2003. It allows for an objective, independent assessment of claims for injury compensation. Prior to receiving financial compensation for any injury, an application to the PIAB must be made, unless the claimant chooses the litigator route.

Both options are reasonable, the PIAB is faster, but litigation can yield greater monetary results. In the latter case a solicitor is absolutely necessary to fulfill your claim. In the former, a solicitor is still suggested.

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