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Employment Law

Employment law is a branch of the judiciary system that is fairly vast, as there is a lot that it is required to cover. It includes beginning/changing a new job, retirement, employee rights, employment conditions, equality, unemployment, and the enforcement of all these. Ideally, these could all be completed without need for legal action, but often times, disputes arise between an infinite numbers of parties.

Any worker who is employed in Ireland automatically has a contract of employment, no matter whether or not it is written. The contract includes common law, terms required by the Irish Constitution - such as trade unions, terms required by the Dail, European Union laws, and anything else specified between the employer and employee. 

As a rule of thumb, simpler jobs do not require any real legal action, excepting PAYE and other such taxes. For ore complicated forms of employment, such as independent contracting, it is advisable to have a solicitor draw up the employment contract.

Once employed, the next step is to ensure your workers' rights are protected. If you believe that they have been compromised, through anything from victimisation, to unfair conditions or salary, then it is best to seek out a solicitor to address the Employment Appeals Tribunal on your behalf.

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