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Property Law is the area of Irish law dictating the sale and purchase, tax, and regulation of land. In Ireland, a property deed, which is the basic document used for almost all land transactions, is a document drawn up by a solicitor to represent a plot of land. A new property deed is drawn every time the property changes ownership. 

It isn't possible, in Ireland, to fully complete a land transaction without legal assistance from a solicitor. They are required to draft, produce, and witness the signing of deeds and agreements.

There are several different kinds of property deed. Conveyance, assignment, mortgage, etc. Each represents a different type of ownership. For example, the owner of a leasehold property owns the house, but not the land, and must therefore pay “ground rent” to a landlord. This is not an issue with a full deed that includes the land and the structures.

A conveyance, which was just mentioned, is the documented record that transfers land from the first party to the second party. These are a major part of any transaction. In the transference, the vendor's solicitor will draw up the deed with the names of both buyer and seller and a record of the new ownership, with date.

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