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Family Law

Family Law is the common name for a branch of the judicial system which regulates most notably divorce, separation, marriage, adoption, emancipation, and other less prominent aspects of family life, in reference to law. This, I expect is fairly obvious.

The second most often employed legal structure under family law is divorce (the first is marriage), and it's worth it, here, I think, to give an overview of the process, just to give you a brief concept of the procedures involved in this branch of law.

Before a couple can apply for a divorce, they must first have been living apart from one another for at least four of the previous five years. Not only this, there must not be any possibility of reconciliation, and proper arrangements must have been made for other members of the family, particularly dependents.

Because of the first requirement, before two parties can be divorced, they must have attained a Separation Agreement or Judicial Separation - these are further aspects of family law. While Solicitors are not required for divorce, and an applicant can choose to represent him/herself, it is inadvisable to do so, as complicated factors such as children, taxes, or maintenance can make it difficult to complete a divorce without legal representation. Divorces are final and cannot be reversed.

Adoption requires similar stipulations to be met, as does much of the complicated system of Irish family law. This makes it advisable to hire a solicitor regardless of what legal action you mean to take.

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